DeSantis Rips CDC In Discussing Fla. Lawsuit Against Agency

(USA Features) Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis tore into the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday during a news conference in which he discussed reasons why the state has filed a lawsuit against the agency.

DeSantis said that one lone federal bureaucrat should not have the power to shut down entire industries such as the cruise line industry, which has been sidelined since the COVID-19 pandemic began over concerns of disease spread.

But now that vaccines have been rolling out and vast portions of the public have ostensibly become immune to the disease, either because of a vaccine or having developed antibodies from catching it, it is time for the Biden administration to unshackle cruise lines and push to get more kids back into schools.

“Do you want one unelected bureaucracy to be able to have the power to indefinitely shut down a major industry in this country?” DeSantis said.

He also spoke of how getting his state to begin reopening last year was hugely beneficial after protecting vulnerable senior populations.

“You have a surplus of jobs, and particularly in restaurant, lodging, hospitality, that people want to hire. I mean, you see these signs all over the place. Look, that’s a good problem to have,” he said.

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“But we also just want to make sure, look, if you’re really unemployed, can’t get a job, that’s one thing, but making sure that you’re doing your due diligence to look for work and making sure those incentives align better.”

“But I can tell you this, our state was predicted to get hit worse on Covid economically than any other state because of our service economy and our tourism base,” he continued. “And what we were able to do by keeping Florida open, we saved hundreds of thousands of jobs in the restaurant, hotel, hospitality industry. We saved thousands of businesses.

“So we’re doing it right,” he noted further.

He went on to address the lawsuit and the effect cruise bans have had on Florida’s economy.

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“[W] e also want our cruise lines to open. The CDC has mothballed this for over a year. They said that it was going to be two weeks last March. You know the cruise industry, they wanted to do the right thing. So they’re like, ‘All right, it’s not going to be easy for us, but we’re going to do it,'” said the GOP governor.

“Now here we are over a year later and there’s no end in sight. Now they say you can only cruise if you have 98% people show proof of vaccination, but that’s ridiculous. They’re cruising in other parts of the world where they don’t even have availability of vaccines yet, where they have much higher Covid than in the United States,” he added.

“So that is fundamentally unfair. It makes no sense and we are suing the CDC right now,” said the governor.

“That’s why we’re suing them. But this has much larger implications than just cruise ships sailing or not. This has implications for potentially any industry and look, with all due respect to the CDC, I mean if you look at some of the stuff that they’ve done on school openings, where they’re basically doing the teacher’s union’s bidding, when they say these kids should be masked in summer camp outdoors. I’m sorry, that’s not science, that’s politics,” he said.

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