Gun Sales Up For 13th Straight Month: ‘Americans Realize They Are Their Own First Responder’

(USA Features) Sales of firearms have climbed for the 13th straight month, according to a noted gun rights organization, as violent crime has been rising around the country.

What’s more, according to data compiled by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, April recorded the highest volume of gun sales on record.

“April marked 13 months of elevated firearm sales which have ranged between 1.5 million and 2 million each month. Firearm sales spiked in March 2020 and have remained at unprecedented levels since. It’s a remarkable feat of firearm manufacturers to keep pace with this blistering demand,” NSSF Public Affairs Director Mark Oliva said in a statement.

Concerns over personal safety as well as moves by Democrats and the Biden administration to impose new gun bans and restrictions are driving record sales, Oliva said.

“Americans are buying firearms for concerns for personal safety and for White House and Congressional efforts to limit and deny the ability to purchase certain firearms,” he noted.

“The continued gun control statements by President Biden, many of which have been fact-checked and debunked as false, are driving sales.”

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The sales are primarily being driven by first-time buyers, the NSSF official noted.

“When protests turned into riots last year, following the death of George Floyd, some Americans realized they are their own first responder. Having the CHOP zone, where law enforcement, fire departments, and medics were shut out, reaffirmed that need,” he said.

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