Former Cop Brandon Tatum Warns U.S. Could Experience ‘Tragedy’ of Violence Over Summer

(USA Features) Former Tucson, Ariz. police officer and current “The Officer Tatum” podcast host Brandon Tatum warned that violence across the country could skyrocket over the summer due to a rise in anxiety, ant-cop sentiment, and other factors.

“Every summer people start to crack up,” Tatum told Just the News on Monday. “They’re going to start committing petty crimes, more violence will happen over the summer.”

But the added dimensions of anti-police sentiment and officers hesitant to trust their instincts could substantially increase the violence, Tatum said.

“You say you’re going to defund the police, you’re telling a police department they cannot be practicing policing, they can’t even deal with black people in a meaningful way without them ending up on the news or getting fired,” said Tatum.

“That plus the heat from the summer is going to cause an increase in negative human behavior … you could have a tragedy on your hands.”

Tatum’s comments come as criminal activity, violence, and murder are all on the rise in most major cities. At the same time, police forces are seeing members retire early or leave their departments in droves while recruiting new officers is becoming increasingly difficult.

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“If you don’t have the support of the community — and in some of these cases, you don’t have the support of the command staff — why in the world would you go and risk your life and potentially lose everything for $50,000 a year?” asks Tatum. “That’s just not going to be worth it.”

Kim Klacik, founder of Red Rennaisance and a former GOP congressional candidate in Maryland, said she sees the same phenomena playing out in her hometown of Baltimore.

“For every 20 people who go into the academy and want to become officers, we have 51 who resign,” she told Just the News recently. “We’re losing police officers left and right.”

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She went on to say that so-called “consent decrees” between cities like Baltimore and the Justice Department further put law enforcement officers “in a predicament, really, because they feel they can’t really do their job” because they are being micromanaged by bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.

Tatum said that police officers are increasingly hesitant to perform even rudimentary parts of their jobs because “if a situation goes south, and you have an accident … the Democratic Party is focused on highlighting these situations of police use of force against citizens … and using the dead bodies of black people, who have been killed by police — whether justified or not — to push an agenda of fear.”

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