Giuliani Says Electronic Evidence Taken by FBI in Raid Will Clear Him of Wrongdoing

(USA Features) Rudy Giuliani, the former NYC mayor and lead attorney for President Donald Trump, said Thursday that evidence contained on electronic devices seized by the FBI during a raid a day earlier contains “exculpatory” evidence that will prove him innocent of allegations he acted as a foreign agent of Ukraine without registering as one.

In an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Giuliani said that he has offered to turn over those devices to federal investigators for nearly two years and that there was no need to raid his New York City apartment, particularly first thing in the morning.

“I’ve known about this for two years, Tucker,” Giuliani said of a potential raid.

He went on to allege that his iCloud account was “unconstitutionally” accessed during his defense of the former president during his first impeachment trial, which came about over charges that Trump improperly withheld military aid from Ukraine until the country’s leader agreed to open a probe of Joe and Hunter Biden.

“I could have destroyed the evidence, but I didn’t destroy the evidence because the evidence is exculpatory. It proves the president and I and all of us are innocent. They are the ones who are committing — it’s like projection — they’re committing the crimes,” Giuliani said.

“They should be investigated for blatantly violating my constitutional rights, the president’s constitutional rights,” Giuliani told Carlson. “In the middle of the impeachment defense, they invaded, without telling me, my iCloud. They took documents that are privileged, and they unilaterally decided what they could read and not read.

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“The prosecutors, the Justice Department, spied on me, and if that is not taken seriously, if that doesn’t result in their being sanctioned, the case being dismissed, and it stopping, this is no longer a free country,” he added.

“We might as well be in, you know, East Berlin before the wall fell. This is tactics only known in a dictatorship: Where you see a lawyer’s records right in the middle of his representation of his client. You should be prosecuted and disbarred for that. You should not be prosecuting somebody else.”

Giuliani also said the warrant was not faithfully executed because the FBI agents refused to tall all electronic devices, including three that were copies of Hunter Biden’s controversial laptop.

“Hunter Biden’s hard drives fall within the scope of the subpoena,” the former mayor and federal prosecutor continued.

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“The subpoena required them to take all electronics. They decided to leave that behind. They also were completely content to rely on my word that these were Hunter Biden’s hard drives. I mean, they could have been Donald Trump’s. They could have been Vladimir Putin’s. They could have been anybody’s. But they relied on me, the man who had to be raided in the morning,” he added.

“The reality is that warrant is completely illegal,” Giuliani said. “The only way you can get a search warrant is if you can show that there is some evidence that the person is going to destroy the evidence, or is going to run away with the evidence.

“Well, I’ve had it for two years and haven’t destroyed it, and they also got it from the iCloud. So, there was no justification for that warrant. It is an illegal, unconstitutional warrant.”

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