Momentum Building for Allowing Legal Gun Owners to Carry Across State Lines

(USA Features) Momentum is building around the country to allow legal gun owners to carry firearms across state lines as the U.S. Supreme Court gears up to hear a case involving New York’s denial of granting a concealed permit to two residents.

“That certainly gives us momentum,” North Carolina Rep. Richard Hudson, author of the national reciprocity legislation, H.R. 38, told the Washington Examiner.

The high court agreed to hear its first Second Amendment case in a dozen years earlier this week involving a challenge to New York state law that only allows residents to carry concealed if they prove a special need.

The two plaintiffs cited self-defense, but New York licensing authorities turned them down, saying they had not proven a need.

Plaintiffs claim the Second Amendment gives citizens an inherent right to carry a firearm for self-defense beyond the home.

Supporters of the plaintiffs believe that the high court will rule in favor of the plaintiffs which they then believe will pave the way for national reciprocity laws involving the carrying of firearms.

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“It is very fortuitous that this is going to the Supreme Court,” said Tim Schmidt, the president and founder of the United States Concealed Carry Association. “That’s good news.”

Currently, 37 states grant reciprocity but the rules vary for many of them, the Examiner reported.

Hudson said that the Second Amendment “is really the fundamental right that guarantees all your other rights can’t be taken away.”

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