Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Sues Biden Admin Over Alleged Discrimination Against White Farmers

(USA Features) A legal organization led by Stephen Miller, a former top adviser to President Donald Trump, filed suit against the Biden administration alleging that money earmarked for “socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers” is tantamount to discrimination against white farmers.

According to the complaint filed by the group America First Legal, the Department of Agriculture is “actively and invidiously discriminating against American citizens solely based upon their race.”

The suit was filed on behalf of Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller and some others in response to a provision in President Joe Biden’s America Rescue Plan.

Miller is participating in the lawsuit as a private citizen, the AFL noted, not in his official capacity.

“The United States Department of Agriculture administers numerous statutes that provide government aid to ‘socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers,” the complaint says.

“America First Legal opposes discrimination in all forms,” said Miller in a statement announcing the lawsuit. “We hold fast to the immortal words of Martin Luther King Jr. that Americans ‘should not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.’

“MLK’s vision is fundamental to our democracy, in which all citizens are equal both in front of the law and in the eyes of their Creator,” Miller added.

“For this reason, AFL is filing a lawsuit today against the Biden Administration to prevent it from administering programs created under the American Rescue Plan Act that discriminate against American farmers and ranchers based upon the basis of race,” he continued.

Miller also quoted Chief Justice John Roberts’ words in a 2007 ruling: “[T]he way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”

Miller announced the creation of the legal group earlier this month, noting that its purpose would be “resisting the radical left’s agenda.”

“For too long, conservative and traditionalist Americans have been outflanked, outspent, out-organized, and outmaneuvered by radical progressive legal organizations,” Miller said then. “It has been a years-long, one-sided legal assault. The consequences for American values, American society, and the American Constitution have been tragic and profound.”

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