Lawmakers in Arkansas Approve Bill Banning Enforcement of Federal Gun Laws

(USA Features) State lawmakers in Arkansas on Wednesday approved a reworked bill that would nullify certain new gun control laws believed to be in violation of the Second Amendment.

If enacted into law, the measure would declare invalid any new federal gun restrictions or bans enacted on or after Jan. 1, 2021, that appear to violate the Constitution’s infringement clause.

The state House voted along party lines 79-20 to now send the bill to GOP Gov. Asa Hutchison after the Senate approved the measure earlier this week on a 26-6 vote. One Democratic senator supported the bill.

Several red states have been pushing for and approving new legislation aimed at protecting their citizens’ Second Amendment rights as President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats push for new gun control measures that include bans of military-style rifles, high-capacity magazines, ammunition taxes, and universal background checks.

“We are a country based on freedom, and when our freedoms are threatened, we must take action through the tools within our U.S. Constitution and our Arkansas constitution to protect those freedoms,” said Republican state Sen. Missy Irvin, a bill sponsor, according to the Associated Press.

The measure mimics similar legislation in other states, in that it merely prohibits local and state law enforcement officials from enforcing federal restrictions and laws that conflict with the Arkansas Constitution’s firearms protections or other state laws.

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If elected officials violate the measure, they could feasibly be charged with an unclassified misdemeanor while law enforcement officers could lose their state certification.

The measure does not prohibit local law enforcement and officials from cooperating with federal agents in other matters not related to the enforcement of federal gun laws.

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