100 Days In: Biden’s Immigration Executive Actions Triple Those of Trump

(USA Features) An analysis of immigration-related executive actions taken by Presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden during their first 100 days in office found that the latter implemented more than three times as many.

As of Tuesday Biden had issued 94 actions, while Trump had issued fewer than 30 at the same point in his presidency, Fox News reported, citing data from the Migration Policy Institute.

At the same time, immigration-related arrests have tumbled, the MPI’s analysis found.

The organization noted that many of Biden’s actions were reversals of Trump’s policies, while the 46th president has ostensibly implemented measures to make the immigration system “more welcome.”

The policies have already begun to show results.

“ICE arrests have decreased by more than 60%, from an average of 6,800 monthly arrests in the last three full months of the Trump administration to 2,500 in February, Biden’s first full month in office,” the organization said in a report.

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“For comparison, by Trump’s first full month in office, ICE arrests increased by 26% over the average of the last three full months of the Obama administration,” MPI noted.

The analysis comes on the heels of new surveys showing that a growing number of Americans believe that border security under Biden is worse than it was under Trump.

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