Black Leaders Increasingly Embrace Voter ID, Reject Democrat ‘Jim Crow’ Claims

(USA Features) A growing number of black leaders are rejecting Democrat claims that voter ID laws are reminiscent of the “Jim Crow” era, saying such allegations in and of themselves are racist.

“That black people can’t get an ID to vote — and quite frankly, a free ID, which the government has offered, to vote — is just absolute nonsense,” Mark Robinson, elected as North Carolina’s first-ever black lieutenant governor, told Just The News.

“And I reject that wholeheartedly. And I believe most of the people of North Carolina do as well,” he added.

Ohio’s first black secretary of state, Ken Blackwell agreed, saying that American CEOs and much of the media were intentionally distorting new voter ID laws like one recently enacted in Georgia.

“You have the mainstream media, you know, initially trying to gaslight the American people, making those of us who see this as a very common-sense practical policy and procedure to be somewhat crazy or racist, and we’re not buying it,” Blackwell told the news outlet.

“And look, this is what Major League Baseball, Coca Cola and Delta need to understand — that the American people are not going to sit back and take … the labeling of common-sense practice and ordinary hard-working people as being racist,” he added. “Too many people have put too much on the line to make sure that the integrity of our election system is in fact protected.”

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“What I find extremely offensive is the narrative from the left that Black people are not smart enough, not educated enough, not desirous enough of education to do what every other culture and race does in this country: get an ID,” former NFL star and freshman Rep. Burgess Owens, R-Utah, said during testimony before a Senate committee last week.

“True racism is this: It’s the projection of the Democratic Party on my proud race. It’s called the soft bigotry of low expectations,” he added.

“The data seems clear: A majority of Black Americans support voter ID laws,” a half-dozen black leaders wrote in an op-ed recently published by RealClearPolitics.

However, they noted, “opportunistic activists like Stacey Abrams pretend the entire Black community stands behind them and the radical Democrat Party,” crafting a narrative in which black people “are either opposed to voter ID or, even more offensively, that Blacks are incapable of obtaining IDs.”

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“Elites, most of whom are white,” they wrote, “have enabled them, taking it upon themselves to determine who the ‘leaders’ of the Black community are and ignoring anyone else who suggests differently.”

A recent survey jointly conducted by Rasmussen Reports and Just The News found that 77% of Americans, including 70% of Democrats and 72% of African-Americans, support voter ID laws.

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