Trump Presses Arizona Gov. Ducey to Provide Security for Ballot Audit

(USA Features) Former President Donald Trump called on Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey to use state assets to provide security for a GOP-led audit of some 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County, home to Phoenix, in the November election.

“The Republican Party is demanding that Gov. Ducey of Arizona immediately provide large-scale security for the brave American Patriots doing the Forensic Audit of the 2020 Presidential Election,” Trump said in a statement Saturday morning from his Save American PAC. “Gov. Ducey will be held fully responsible for the safety of those involved.

“State police or National Guard must be immediately sent out for protection. The Democrats do not want to have this information revealed, and they will do anything to stop it. Gov. Ducey must finally act!”

The state GOP-led ballot audit stems from allegations of potential voter fraud stemming from the widespread use of mail-in ballots last fall. Democrats have pushed back, claiming there is no evidence that President Joe Biden’s narrow victory in the state was the result of fraud.

Nevertheless, Republicans have pushed ahead with the audit, which began on Friday but faced a potential hurdle after a municipal judge ruled it temporarily halted over Democrat security concerns. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Christopher Coury ordered Democrats to post $1 million to defray the costs of the audit, but they failed to do so and it resumed later in the day.

But, he said, plaintiffs’ security concerns were valid and that the GOP-obtained audit firm, CyberNinja, must provide the court with their security protocols over the weekend.

On Friday, Trump blasted Ducey and said he wasn’t doing enough to help Senate Republicans with the audit.

“The Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, has been shockingly of zero help to the State Senate,” Trump claimed. “He wants to ‘pretend’ the election was free and fair. What are he and the Maricopa County Commissioners trying to hide?”

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