Rubio Says Small Businesses Can’t Fill Positions, Suggests It’s Due to Dems’ COVID Relief Payments

(USA Features) Sen. Marco Rubio noted Thursday that small business owners say they are unable to fill open positions before suggesting the reason is that the latest Democrat-passed COVID relief bill is providing enhanced unemployment benefits and acts as a disincentive to work.

“Florida small business owners are all telling me the same thing, they can’t find people to fill available jobs You can come up with all kinds of reasons & wave around all the Ivy League studies you want, but what does common sense tell you is the reason?” the Florida Republican tweeted along with a link to an Axios report that says the restaurant industry can’t hire enough workers.

Larry Kudlow, who served in the Trump administration as a top economic advisor to the White House, said last week that the $1.9 trillion measure signed earlier this month by President Joe Biden would discourage people from going back to work because they would make more collecting unemployment.

He also said Biden administration officials were warned about that.

“We tried to warn them,” Kudlow told Fox News. “They were very generous, and of course the checks coming out are very generous.

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“[Americans] are being paid a lot of money to stay home. I hate to say it because I think most people want to work, but on the other hand, people are very smart, and they probably want to work, but if it doesn’t pay, they’ll probably stay home longer,” he added.

Under Biden’s plan, the federal government supplements weekly jobless benefits by $300 per week. That’s in addition to the average state unemployment of about $340, but as Kudlow said, that is “too generous” for many to get off the dole.

“It’s difficult,” he said. “You’ve got to try to get your unemployment assistance at a level that helps those who are truly needy but doesn’t discourage work. That’s really the tricky part.”

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Axios noted that the pandemic destroyed 2.5 million restaurant jobs and forced an estimated 100,000 to close.

But those that survived are now having difficulty wooing workers back.

“After a whole year of waiting, guests are clamoring to come back. And restaurants have invested in these expanded outdoor areas, and they need people right now,” Alice Cheng, founder of Culinary Agents, a hospitality job search site, told Axios. “But they’re not finding them.”

“Everybody is reopening at the same time,” which means everyone is hiring at the same time, she added.

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