Rand Paul: Biden Should ‘Burn His Mask’ on Live TV To Encourage Vaccination

(USA Features) Sen. Rand Paul said Thursday that in order to encourage more Americans to take the COVID-19 vaccine, President Joe Biden should “burn his mask” on live television since he’s already gotten his and should have immunity.

“If you want more people to get vaccinated, Joe Biden should go on national TV, take his mask off and burn it,” Paul, a Kentucky Republican, told Fox News. “Light a torch to it and burn his mask and say, I’ve had the vaccine; I am now safe from this plague. If you’ll get the vaccine, you can be safe too.

“But instead they say, well, the vaccine might not work in some sort of planetary world we’re not aware of, the vaccine might not work. Well, there’s no evidence of it,” he continued.

“The burden of proof should be on the government to prove that we are spreading it, and then we’ll listen to them,” Paul said.

The libertarian-leaning senator was responding to Biden chief medical adviser and lead immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has continued to insist Americans remain masked in public even if they’ve gotten vaccinated.

“What happens is that, you might get infected and get absolutely no symptoms not know you’re infected, and then inadvertently go into a situation with vulnerable people. And if you don’t have a mask, you might inadvertently infect them. Now, there’s a small risk of that, but it’s there,” Fauci said recently.

But Paul told Fox News’s Martha MacCallum that Fauci sounds like he’s “fearmongering.”

“The vaccine is an amazing thing,” Paul said. “So is natural infection, if you get it the hard way — you don’t want to wish that on people, but people have survived it. We shouldn’t discount it.

“But the vaccination is virtually zero hospitalizations and virtually zero deaths. In fact, I’m not aware of any,” Paul continued. Re-infection from people have had it is very low number. Most people get a mild course of it, and there’s a rare, rare if ever re-infection that caused a fatality. So really, we should appreciate immunity, both naturally acquired and by vaccine.

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