Graham Supports Denying Dems Quorum If They Try to End Filibuster

(USA Features) Sen. Lindsey Graham said Wednesday he would support Republicans in the chamber denying Democrats a quorum if they move to end the filibuster so they can pass legislation without any GOP support.

“To borrow a phrase from Senator Schumer, when it comes to standing up to the most radical agenda in U.S. Senate history—All options are on the table for Republicans,” Graham wrote on Twitter.

“Republican [sic] need to make it clear that if there is an effort to change the filibuster … we, as Republicans, will use all the tools in the toolbox to stop the power grab—including the denial of a quorum,” he added.

“I hope it doesn’t get to this point for the sake of the country,” Graham said later.

A quorum is the number of senators that must be present in order for the chamber to conduct its business. Per the Constitution, that would mean 51 would need to be president, a bare majority.

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It’s not clear all 49 other Republicans would join Graham in a walkout, however.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said recently that Republicans would fight back if Democrats eliminated the filibuster to push their agenda forward.

“It would not open up an express lane for the Biden presidency to speed into the history books, the Senate would be more like a 100-car pileup, nothing moving,” McConnell said on the chamber floor.

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As for ditching the filibuster rule, two Democrats — Sens. Joe Manchin of W. Va. and Kyrsten Sinema of Ariz. — have said they are not in favor of doing that. That leaves Democrats with too few votes to garner the simple majority, with Vice President Kamala Harris’s vote, to get rid of it in the evenly-divided chamber.

“If you give up on democracy, if you give up on the Republicans, and you give up on filibuster, I tell you we’re in serious problems,” Manchin told Axios on Wednesday.  “This swing, and the yin and yang, will be so frequent every administration change, what goes around comes around.”

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