Rep. Burgess Owens: Claims Georgia Voter ID Law Racist Is Insulting to Blacks

(USA Features) Utah Republican Rep. Burgess Owens pushed back on Democrats who claim that Georgia’s new voter ID law is racist, saying such claims are actually insulting to blacks in the state.

The former NFL star, who is black, opined Wednesday that “to say that black people cannot get an ID is an insult.

“We’re as smart, as tenacious, as desirous of independence as anyone else,” he told Fox News.

Owens added that the notion that blacks don’t know how or are unable to get an ID like others is “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

Anybody who understands the Georgia law knows that it is fair. And whoever is trying to change the narrative is trying to divide us as a people,” he continued.

A day earlier, Owens testified at a Senate Judiciary Hearing that was titled, “Jim Crow 2021: The Latest Assault on the Right to Vote,” in which he ripped the notion.

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He said “as someone who has actually experienced Jim Crow laws I’d like to set the record straight,” saying that “any comparison between this law and Jim Crow is absolutely outrageous.”

“To call this Jim Crow 2021 is an insult, my friends. For those who never lived Jim Crow, we are not in Jim Crow,” he said.

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