Minneapolis Mayor Says Floyd ‘Killed at the Hands of the Police’ Regardless of Chauvin Verdict

(USA Features) Democratic Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey suggested Tuesday that it didn’t matter what jurors in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin decided, George Floyd was “killed at the hands of police.”

“As we await the verdict, there are several inescapable truths,” he told reporters.

“Over this last year, our twin cities have experienced a barrage of trauma, all culminating with this trial and then the verdict. There’s been pain and anguish, anguish and frustration that is undoubtedly acutely felt by our black and brown communities,” he added.

“Regardless of the outcome of this trial, regardless of the decision made by the jury, there is one true reality, which is that George Floyd was killed at the hands of the police,” Frey continued.

The comments come on the heels of an admonishment from Judge Peter Cahill, who oversaw the trial, that political leaders should refrain from talking about the case publicly.

Floyd died after being pinned to the pavement by Chauvin in the presence of three other officers for nearly nine minutes, all of which was caught on video by a bystander.

After it went viral on social media, the city erupted in violence and looting, which spread throughout the country and spanned the remainder of the year.

Prosecutors argued last week that Chauvin’s actions caused Floyd’s death, supporting the murder and manslaughter charges against him.

Chauvin’s defense team argued, however, that the former officer’s actions did not directly contribute to Floyd’s death and that the prosecution did not prove they did beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Floyd, who was arrested on suspicion of passing a phony $20 bill, resisted arrest and appeared to be paranoid during his contact with officers. Later toxicological testing found that he had drugs in his system including a large dose of fentanyl.

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