Trump’s 2022 ‘America First’ Strategy Set for Rollout With Massive $85M War Chest

(USA Features) Former President Donald Trump’s “America First” vision is taking shape and set for roll-out in a well-funded effort to elect more Republicans to the House and Senate in 2022.

With an $85 million war chest, Trump’s America First PAC is well-resourced to fund several GOP candidates of the former president’s choosing, which has already included primary challengers to a number of Republicans who opposed him while in office, voted to impeach him, or both.

Top Trump communications adviser Jason Miller told “Just the News AM” in recent days that the former president will focus on candidates who are first and foremost “America First conservatives.”

“That means someone who supports conservative grassroots when it comes to the more populist positions on trade agreements, trying to get out of some of these endless wars, and trying to make sure that we’re not throwing big, massive breaks to the fat cats on Wall Street and in D.C.,” he said. “We’re looking for someone that actually boosts up the working-class men and women in America.”

Trump will “engage in some of these primaries, but we have to be smart about” which ones, added former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who has been tapped to lead the 45th president’s Super PAC.

“We’re not looking to defeat Republicans who are in districts where if they lose the primary, the seat is going to go to a Democrat,” Lewandowski said, adding further that he believes “we can win races in South Carolina, we can beat Liz Cheney in Wyoming and Lisa Murkowski in Alaska.”

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Other newly-formed groups include America First Legal, an organization founded by Stephen Miller, who crafted the former president’s immigration and border enforcement policies. His group aims to counter the ACLU.

Miller wants to help Trump-allied state attorneys general in their legal battles in support of the America First agenda, to include challenges to policy initiatives implemented by President Joe Biden.

“Anything the president does that we believe to be illegal is fair game,” Miller told the Wall Street Journal. Also noteworthy: Former Trump Chief of Staff and North Carolina congressman Mark Meadows will also play a role inside that organization.

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Finally, Trump administration alumni have launched the largest post-administration group thus far: the America First Policy Institute, which will also promote the former president’s policies.

As to whether Trump himself will run again in 2024, Jason Miller said it’s too early to tell.

“I think probably after the midterms is when he’ll make a decision,” he said, adding that the primary race will nevertheless be Trump’s to lose. “All the polling has shown that the president would be the clear front runner on the GOP side, if he does decide to go and run. Really, the ball’s in his court.”

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