Taylor Greene Pushes Back on Critics, Defends ‘America First’ Effort

(USA Features) Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene dismissed criticism of a new congressional caucus she is taking part in that will promote “America First” policies after some lawmakers, including Republicans, condemned it for allegedly pushing “white supremacist” ideology.

Details of a document outlining the “America First Caucus” were published on Friday and were blasted for containing phrases such as, “America is a nation with a border, and a culture, strengthened by a common respect for uniquely Anglo-Saxon political traditions.”

But in defending America First policies, the Georgia Republican noted in a series of tweets that she didn’t say or write any of those phrases that were publicized. She said that the media “released a staff level draft proposal from an outside group that I hadn’t read,” she said.

“The scum and liars in the media are calling me a racist by taking something out of context. This is just a repeat of Jewish Space Lasers,” she went on.

“Another term I never used & the media made up. It’s more proof so-called journalists lie and create false narratives. The media are the ones focused on race & use it to divide the American people with hate through identity politics,” she added.

“The Congresswoman wants to make clear that she is not launching anything. This was an early planning proposal and nothing was agreed to or approved,” a Taylor Greene spokesperson told CNN.

On Twitter, Taylor Greene wrote that she believes in the “America First” concept “with all my heart and that means every American, of every race, creed, and color.”

“I will never back down and I will never stop fighting for America First. There are tens of millions of Americans who agree. We are side by side. People over politicians. The hyenas in the media are terrified. So are the Democrats. And so are the weak politicos that float around whichever the wind blows,” she said.

“I have plans to drive President Trump’s America First agenda with my Congressional colleagues but we won’t let the media or anyone else push the narrative. America First policies will save this country for all of us, our children, and ultimately the world.”

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