Rubio Says No One in GOP Can Beat Trump in 2024

(USA Features) Sen. Marco Rubio said Thursday that if former President Donald Trump decides to enter the race for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, no one else in the party will be able to beat him.

Rubio’s comments came after the former president endorsed his 2022 reelection.

The Florida Republican described Trump as “the most popular and most influential Republican in America” during an interview, The Epoch Times reported.

“If he decides to run for the president and the nomination, he’s going to be the party’s nominee,” Rubio told Newsmax. “That’s the way I see it.”

“He hasn’t made that decision. It’s still a long way down the road, but if Donald Trump decides to run in 2024 again, he’s going to be the Republican nominee, and I think almost everyone that I’ve talked to would agree with that,” he added.

Trump endorsed Rubio, one of his 2016 primary opponents, last week.

“Marco has been a tireless advocate for the people of Florida,” Trump said in a statement in support of Rubio. “Marco will never let the great people of Florida, or our Country, down!”

Added Rubio, “This is an extra-special endorsement because he’s a resident and voter in Florida. So I don’t just need his endorsement, I need his vote and the votes of all his family who are also moving to Florida.”

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