McConnell Draws Line, Says GOP Won’t Support Reversing Trump Tax Cuts to Pay for Biden Plan

(USA Features) Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Republicans won’t support any infrastructure plan put forth by President Joe Biden and Democrats if it includes a scale-back of corporate tax cuts signed into law by former President Donald Trump.

“The point of this is, this tax bill of 2017—undone—would create an extensive loss of jobs in our country and do exactly the wrong thing and move us in the wrong direction,” McConnell told reporters Tuesday regarding Trump’s landmark tax-cut measure.

Republicans largely supported spending plans for infrastructure expansion and repair during Trump’s term but a bill never made it to his desk. However, they have said Biden’s proposed $2.3 trillion spending bill is overpriced because the majority of the spending is not for traditional infrastructure like roads, bridges, waterways and airports.

McConnell said an infrastructure bill should be “as big as we’re willing to credibly pay for without going back and undoing the 2017 tax bill.”

“It took 30 years to get another comprehensive tax bill after 1986, and I don’t think there’s going to be much of any settlement among Senate Republicans for undoing the 2017 tax bill,” the Kentucky Republican added.

A new study released by the nation’s largest manufacturing association says tax hikes contained in Biden’s package would destroy 1 million jobs after calling the 2017 tax cuts “rocket fuel” for American manufacturers.

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Jay Timmons, president and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), noted in a statement that if Democrats back the Trump tax cuts, “manufacturing workers will lose out on jobs, growth, and raises.”

“This study tells us quantitatively what manufacturers from coast to coast will tell you qualitatively: increasing the tax burden on companies in America means fewer American jobs. One million jobs would be lost in the first two years, to be exact,” he said.

“There is a bipartisan appetite for smart infrastructure bills. In fact, all the multi-year highway bills have been bipartisan going back decades. There isn’t an appetite for using the word ‘infrastructure’ to justify a multi-trillion-dollar slush fund for unrelated bad ideas,” McConnell said Tuesday on Twitter.

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In a floor speech on Tuesday, McConnell expounded on that, calling Biden’s package “misleadingly titled legislation.”

“The White House has lumped together a motley assortment of the left’s priciest priorities,” McConnell said. “Less than 6 percent of this proposal goes to roads and bridges. It’s not remotely targeted toward what Americans think they are getting when politicians campaign on infrastructure.

“But instead of coming up with a better bill, Democrats have decided it’s the English language that has to change. They are embarking on an Orwellian campaign to convince everybody that any government policy whatsoever can be labeled infrastructure. Liberals just have to believe in it hard enough,” McConnell added.

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