Biden’s Gun Control Push Gives GOP Advantage Ahead of 2022 Midterms

(USA Features) President Joe Biden push for new gun control measures will provide opportunities for Republicans to pick up seats in the 2022 midterms, according to Democratic strategists who are concerned about the outcomes.

A report in The Hill notes that, for instance, votes in the Democrat-controlled Congress to outlaw military-looking semi-automatic rifles, which are rarely used in gun crimes, as well as high-capacity magazines are going to be political liabilities in states like Georgia, Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, where there are key Senate races next year.

“Republicans are already claiming that Democrats are trying to take people’s guns and have no respect for the Second Amendment,” said a North Carolina-based Democrat strategist.

“It is a problem in all those states, in my mind. The question which is going to determine 2022 is: Is it going to be enough to get those (Donald) Trump voters out to vote?”

The outlet went on to say that any gun control debate will be especially concerning for Democrats in North Carolina by energizing GOP-leaning voters in ways that would otherwise be harder since the former president won’t be on the ticket.

Trump won the state in 2016 and 2020.

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“It’s more powerful in the Republican rural base,” said the strategist of the gun control debate, while “it’s one of a litany of issues that suburban voters do not agree with the Republican Party on.”

Nevertheless, Biden, who recently signed a series of mostly benign executive actions on guns, has said he wants to ban military-style rifles and implement additional gun control measures.

“I don’t need to wait another minute, let alone another hour, to take common-sense steps that will save lives in the future,” Biden said, adding that “we can ban assault weapons.”

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5 thoughts on “Biden’s Gun Control Push Gives GOP Advantage Ahead of 2022 Midterms”

  1. Republicans have already lost the election, the party is too stupid to figure out that there needs to be secure and honest voting, state reps need to be working on this immediately. Paper ballots with in person voting, audited tabulation and no internet access. Until this is done, forget about it.

  2. Elections are MEANINGLESS! They STOLE the 2020 election and are now legalizing voter fraud. WHY IN THE HELL DO YOU PRETEND LIKE ELECTIONS MATTER?!?!

  3. Francisco Machado

    Joe justifies encroaching upon the freedoms and rights of the law abiding sector to defend themselves by claiming it will save lives – when the only people who will be made safer by those laws are the ones who never have and never will abide by his laws. Every claim he makes for his projected imporvements, if viewed rationally, will have an effect opposite to his claims.

  4. I agree with Bridgette. The Pubs never do anything when they have the opportunity. Also, why does it take so long for people on our side of the aisle to figure out reality? How many conservative websites complain about being de-platformed by Facebook or Twitter, but then tell you to follow them on Facebook or Twitter?!!! The Left does not have the stupid market cornered. Until we fix the voting situation, we’re not going to win another election.

  5. Hey, USAFeatures,

    In 2016 the GOP held the Oval Office and both Houses, and didn’t do anything they promised to. Just as has happened before.

    Why do you act as though the GOP is somehow a conservative’s savior? They are just as bad, and sometimes worse, than the ‘crats.

    Won’t be visiting this site again.

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