Former Trump Lawyer Powell Defends Self Against Smartmatic

(USA Features) Former Trump lawyer and federal prosecutor Sidney Powell on Friday defended comments she made about voting software firm Smartmatic in a filing that asks a court to dismiss the company’s $2.5 billion lawsuit.

“Smartmatic’s desperate attempt to suggest I was a part of a civil conspiracy to harm the company is not only false but also still does not allow me to be sued in New York,” Powell said Thursday in a statement. “Smartmatic fails to even remotely allege any way that I was a part of a conspiracy. And for the record, I was not.”

The company filed its massive lawsuit against Powell after claiming she defamed the firm following the 2020 election after claiming its software was hacked and compromised while also alleging that Smartmatic was being controlled by corrupt dictators in other totalitarian countries.

After making such statements, former President Trump distanced himself from Powell, Just the News .

“Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own. She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity,” Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and another campaign lawyer, Jenna Ellis, said in a statement in November.

Smartmatic is also suing Giuliani and Fox News for airing similar claims Powell made.

In her filing, Powell said that Smartmatic could not sue her in New York, and that her comments on Fox News are protected speech.

She also said that her statements are “backed by sworn affidavits, expert reports, and other corroborating evidence.”

“I stand by my statements about Smartmatic today,” Powell said.” I believe every allegation I have made about Smartmatic and the vulnerability of these machines is true. This case is meritless and should be thrown out entirely.”

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