Biden Admin Spending $60M Per Day to House Migrant Children

(USA Features) The Biden administration is spending roughly $60 million per day to house and care for tens of thousands of migrant children who crossed illegally, and unaccompanied, into the U.S. over the past several weeks.

The dollar amount comes from an analysis performed by the Washington Post.

As migrant children and minors surged into the U.S. over the past several weeks, Health and Human Services quickly filled up the 7,700 beds that were available in shelters operated by the agency.

The Post’s analysis found that the cost of housing each minor runs about $290 per day.

Also, some 8,500 minors are living in emergency, makeshift shelters including convention centers, military bases, and converted oil worker camps.

The pricetag for taking care of so many migrant children has been driven up, in part, by the fact that it costs some 2.5 times more in emergency sites instead of the permanent detention facilities “due to the need to develop facilities quickly and hire significant staff over a short period of time,” according to Kenneth Wolfe, a spokesman for HHS’s Administration for Children and Families.

He went on to tell the paper that its estimate is low, noting that the real cost per minor is “approximately $775 per day based on past experience.”

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Based on current rates of taking in migrant minors, the Biden administration estimates it will be caring for about 26,000 kids by September.

“HHS is committed to ensuring all unaccompanied children referred to our custody are cared for appropriately,” Wolfe said.

“To do so, we make every effort to ensure funds are used as effectively as possible to provide safe shelter and adequate services and that costs are contained to the degree possible,” he added.

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