DHS Chief Mayorkas, Not Harris, To Visit U.S.-Mexico Border

(USA Features) Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will visit two Texas border towns on Thursday as the illegal migrant surge continues to worsen instead of Vice President Kamala Harris, whom President Joe Biden has placed in charge of the crisis.

During his visit, Mayorkas is scheduled to meet with local law enforcement and government officials, DHS employees and staffers with non-governmental organizations, all of whom are working to contain the crisis.

Mayorkas plans to visit facilities in McAllen and El Paso, KFOX 14 reported. It will be the DHS chief’s third visit to the border, Fox News added.

Meanwhile, neither Biden nor Harris have traveled to the border yet as the surge of migrants continues and has developed into a “humanitarian crisis,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said this week.

The number of migrants and unaccompanied children crossing illegally into the U.S. reached record numbers in March, and they continue to climb.

Biden placed Harris in charge of handling the border crisis March 27. She has traveled the country for other purposes, however, including three visits to her home in California.

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Border state officials and Abbott have invited Harris to come see the situation first-hand, but so far she has declined to do so.

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