Boston Hospital Preparing to Offer ‘Preferential Care Based on Race’

(USA Features) A hospital in Boston is set to offer “preferential care based on race” and “race-explicit interventions” as part of an “antiracist agenda for medicine” based on critical race theory.

A piece in the Boston Review titled “An Antiracist Agenda for Medicine” describes a plan by Brigham and Women’s Hospital that applies a “reparations framework” for the distribution of medical resources to “comprehensively confront structural racism.”

“Together with a coalition of fellow practitioners and hospital leaders, we have developed what we hope will be a replicable pilot program for direct redress of many racial health care inequities,” Harvard Medical School professors Dr. Bram Wispelwey and Dr. Michelle Morse wrote.

The instructors claim that “racial inequity” in hospitals negatively impacts some patients as they proposed solutions like “cash transfers and discounted or free care” only for minorities.

“Offering preferential care based on race or ethnicity may elicit legal challenges from our system of colorblind law … We encourage other institutions to proceed confidently on behalf of equity and racial justice, with backing provided by recent White House executive orders,” the authors wrote, referencing recent executive orders signed by President Joe Biden.

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