Trump says U.S. ‘cannot outsource our independence’ to foreign countries

(USA Features) President Donald Trump said Monday the U.S. could no longer rely on foreign countries and competitor nations to ensure America’s economic independence.

During his daily coronavirus press briefing, Trump said the pandemic has confirmed his long-held economic nationalist point of view that outsourcing and offshoring critical industries, manufacturing, and supply chains are detrimental to American economic interests.

“This pandemic has reaffirmed keeping vital supply chains at home. We cannot outsource our independence, we cannot be reliant on foreign nations,” the president said. “I’ve been saying this a long time.

“If we’ve learned one thing, let’s build it here, let’s make it here, we’ve got the greatest country in the world,” Trump continued. “We’ve got to start bringing our supply chains back … I like making it right here in the U.S.A.”

The pandemic has exposed American over-reliance on China, especially, but also Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, India, and Mexico for basic necessities, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies.

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