Poll: 70 percent support Trump’s new ban on immigration

(USA Features) Americans overwhelmingly support President Donald Trump’s decision Monday to suspend all immigration as long as the coronavirus pandemic conditions.

“Seventy percent of registered voters believe the federal government should place a temporary ban on allowing people from any other country to enter the United States,” reported a Scott Rasmussen national survey conducted late last week.

“That total includes 34% who believe that even Americans living abroad should have to wait until the pandemic is over before returning,” the poll analysis said.

Some 82 percent of Republicans support the temporary ban, compared to 66 percent of Independents and even 64 percent of Democrats.

Also, 79 percent of conservatives, 71 percent of Independents, and 58 percent of liberals do as well, the survey found. Most who are not supportive of Trump, generally, also agree with the suspension.

“Among those who strongly approve of President Trump, 84% support the ban. Among those who strongly disapprove of the president, 57% share that same view,” the poll said.

“Overall, among all voters, just 15% oppose a temporary ban. In no measured demographic group does opposition reach 25%.”

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