Despite economic slump, small-dollar donors continue contributing to GOP

(USA Features) Despite an economic slump due to tens of millions of Americans being furloughed from work after coronavirus-related business closures, the Republican National Committee says small-dollar donations continue to pour in.

“It has not dropped at all, the small-dollar [donations], through the digital and the mail program,” RNC Chairwoman Rona McDaniel told the Washington Examiner Friday. “And, we’ve seen some pretty big days of fundraising as well.”

Republican supporters continue to contribute $200 or less to the RNC and to the campaign of President Donald Trump, she said, even though more than 22 million Americans have filed new unemployment claims over the past 4 weeks.

While small-dollar donations are continuing apace, McDaniel said the drop-off has come from big-dollar donors who traditionally get more attention when they give.

The fact that donations are still pouring in is even more notable, the RNC chief said, given that an entire slate of in-person campaign events has had to be canceled due to concerns about spreading the COVID-19 virus.

As such, McDaniel has been working the phones and staying in touch with the president’s supporters virtually, she said.

The president’s not going to be fundraising right now, he’s just not focused on that,” the chairwoman said regarding Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

But she is confident that RNC donors are going to step up, she added.

“They recognize that even with this going on, we have an election in November, and then they see Joe Biden out fundraising and holding virtual fundraisers, so they’re very cognizant of the fact that we need to have the resources to reelect this president,” said McDaniel.

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  1. I just replied negatively to a money grubber frim WAGA, a trump soliciter. Poor and crass. NOT NOW!!!

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