Democrat lawmaker says ‘if we beat’ COVID-19 and Trump gets reelected, ‘so be it’

(USA Features) A Democratic lawmaker said Friday he doesn’t see a problem with President Donald Trump getting reelected off the strength of his coronavirus response if the country beats back the pandemic.

“Nothing would make me happier, nothing, than to see this president utilize all the tools at his disposal to win this war as the commander-in-chief that he is, and to own that success,” Rep. Max Rose of New York told POLITICO.

“And if that success means that we beat COVID and he wins reelection, then so be it. God bless him. Because we have won the greatest battle of the 21st century,” Rose continued, the Washington Examiner reported.

That said, Rose noted further that he believes the president could still be doing more.

But I have not seen his administration assert its authority in the ways that it could,” he said, noting the response of the federal government during World War II.

“Think back again to the analogy of World War II,” Rose explained. “We built factories and then mandated that the private sector take them over. We put people to work in terms of wartime jobs. That wasn’t just the patriotic thing to do. That was absolutely vital because people needed work. And we very well might find ourselves in that situation again.”

Rose also discussed areas where he thought Trump could still act.

“One: Streamlining who’s in charge,” he said. “There’s too many task forces going on.

“Second thing is he needs to assert all of his Defense Production Act authority over the production and dissemination of critical supplies from ventilators to masks to reagents to all of the equipment necessary to test people or the virus,” Rose, a former U.S. Army officer and decorated veteran of Afghanistan, said.

“The third thing is I believe that he should be asserting or utilizing the Pentagon supply management acumen for the dissemination of these critical supplies within the country.”

Asked about his own reelection campaign, Rose, who is currently serving in the Army National Guard, responded: “Let me be very clear. I don’t give a f— about politics right now. That includes my own campaign. But it remains to be seen what a campaign looks like, and how a campaign can be executed faithfully.”

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