Just 60 percent of Americans can only live 1-3 months on savings; 40 percent would sell blood to get by

(USA Features) The economic effects of job losses due to forced business closures to stop the spread of COVID-19 are becoming more profound, according to a new survey.

According to Zety, a personnel firm that conducted the survey, 60 percent of respondents said they only had enough savings to last 1-3 months. But of that number, 12 percent said the could last no more than a week.

As such, the Washington Examiner reported, many Americans who have either lost jobs or are concerned they might are already looking to cut expenses and to sell things.

The most common are gym memberships and streaming services. As for the most common items people would try to sell, they are jewelry and electronics.

And some 36 percent said they would sell their blood, while 7 percent said they would sell nude photos of themselves.

About two-thirds of respondents said they would look for a side job to hustle up some cash.

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“With so many people living above their means, a financial emergency could put them in a crisis,” an analysis of the survey said.

“Selling off personal items might not be most people’s first choice for getting through an unexpected break in income, but it could be a temporary solution when short on cash,” it added.

Recently, Congress passed and President Trump signed an emergency virus relief bill that calls for sending most Americans a $1,200 check. But it is taking some time to get the process set up and running.

Meanwhile, more than 16 million Americans have lost jobs in the past few weeks, nearly all of them related to closures and work stoppages due to the coronavirus.

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2 thoughts on “Just 60 percent of Americans can only live 1-3 months on savings; 40 percent would sell blood to get by”

  1. 7% would sell nude pictures of themselves? I don’t think 7% COULD sell nude pictures of themselves. The real number is only about 2 or 3 percent.

  2. Can you put me in touch with those 7% who would sell nude pictures of themselves? Women only please.

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