Trump says administration used wrong model to overestimate hospital beds needed for COVID patients

(USA Features) President Donald Trump admitted Sunday that the model his administration has been using overestimated how many hospital beds would be needed to treat coronavirus patients.

The president said that the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) model used to project needed bed space was off, but he did not say if he would be open to changing the current models he’s using to decide COVID response policies.

“It’s turning out that we need less hospital beds,” the president said at the coronavirus task force’s daily press briefing. “We may have models, but we’ve been sort of saying that. In New York, we were saying we think you’re gonna need less.”

New York has become the epicenter for coronavirus in the United States.

The model projected that New York would need 65,400 hospital beds by April 4, but only 15,905 were actually used, according to former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson.

Much of the country remains under varying degrees of stay-at-home orders imposed by governors and mayors, even in states where the outbreak is minor.

Several states still have not issued such an order, though they have come under fire from health experts.

Governors of those states say there isn’t any need to do so, given that the incidence of coronavirus is extremely low and even nonexistent in parts of their states.

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