Survey: 38 percent of U.S. workers have lost hours or jobs due to coronavirus

(USA Features) A new survey found that a growing plurality of Americans have either lost their jobs over mandatory business closures due to the coronavirus outbreak or have had their work hours reduced.

About two-thirds of Americans said that the crisis has not affected their employment status, while about a quarter have seen their hours reduced, and 15% of Americans have lost their jobs, according to the latest national Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP Poll.

In all:

  • 60% say their employment status is unaffected.
  • 23% say their hours have been reduced.
  • 15% have lost their jobs.

City residents were more likely to lose their jobs or have their work hours cut than suburban and rural Americans, the survey found.


  • 47% of urban households lost their jobs or work hours due to the outbreak.
  • 33% of suburban households lost work due to the outbreak.
  • 31% of rural households said the same.

Most Americans surveyed said they were concerned about their finances and retirement plans, including people whose jobs have not been affected by the pandemic:

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  • 65% are concerned about their cost of living expenses.
  • 33% are “very concerned” about living expenses.
  • 32% are “somewhat concerned” about living expenses.
  • 64% are concerned that their retirement sayings will be hurt.
  • 36% say they are “very concerned.”
  • 28% say they are “somewhat concerned.”

And yet, eight in 10 respondents said they favored “a broader approach to quarantining,” including a nationwide quarantine for two-to-three weeks.

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