RNC head Ronna McDaniel says Democrats’ pandemic voting plan is scheme to steal election

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(USA Features) The head of the Republican National Committee says Democrats are trying to use the current coronavirus pandemic to legalize a vote theft scheme that will help them dominate future elections.

Democrats are pushing new coronavirus relief legislation that includes formalizing and funding a vote-by-mail system similar to one used in California in 2018 that flipped several solidly-Republican U.S. House seats.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and former Vice President Joe Biden say we must throw election integrity to the wayside in favor of an all-mail election, fundamentally changing how Americans vote in eight months. The overhaul would vastly expand opportunities for fraud and weaken confidence in our elections, but all Washington Democrats see is a potential benefit for their party,” McDaniel wrote in an op-ed for Fox News.

“The Democrats’ all-mail ballots proposal is a ruse to legalize ballot harvesting nationwide. Any person would be allowed to return an unlimited number of absentee ballots for voters, opening the door for political operatives to deliver ballots in bulk,” she continued.

“They could even be paid as long as he or she is not paid based on the number of ballots returned,” McDaniel wrote.

Under the scheme, all voters “eligible to cast a vote” would receive a ballot. But one problem with that, she said, was that many states do not have accurate voter registration rolls, and do not ‘clean them up’ unless forced to do so through legal action.

That means, she said, that potentially millions of illegal votes could be ‘cast’ using the mail-in ballots collected by partisan poll workers, which is reported what happened in California.

“Mail-in voting increases the opportunity for fraud. Just ask the New York Times, which in 2012 documented numerous ways ‘fraud is easier by mail’ and ‘vastly more prevalent’ than in-person voting,” McDaniel wrote.

“The Times found ‘votes cast by mail are less likely to be counted, more likely to be compromised and more likely to be contested than those cast in a voting booth,'” she added.


  1. Thank you RNC… So glad somebody of some importance in the GOP is onto this.
    Election fraud run rampant coming. Why the Dems are trying to “shorten the clock” for Joe Biden
    BS “mail in” stuff with still no ID you just claim you you are and send in your vote… BS (D)
    Already enough very crooked laws in place( AZ, CA, ME, NH to name but a few)
    I hope RNC begins volunteer or paid election monitoring groupl

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