Sen. Cassidy: ‘Let’s set up a coronavirus immunity register so people can go back to work’

(USA Features) U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy on Friday proposed establishing a coronavirus “immunity registry” to document Americans who are no longer in danger of infecting others with the goal of putting people back to work sooner.

“If we think about the coronavirus, we strongly suspect that once somebody has been infected, they are now immune,” Cassidey, a Louisiana Republican, said Saturday on CNN.

“That immunity would allow them to return to work — if they’re a nurse, to go in without [protective equipment] to see a routine patient with coronavirus infection.”

Cassidy said there is already a similar registry in place for vaccinated children.

“We need this information. It [would] allow people to return to work, to be comfortable that they won’t get infected if they go to the grocery store, etcetera,” he added.

Cassidy, a gastroenterologist by training and education, said the presence of antibodies doesn’t necessarily mean a person won’t get infected again

However, he did say the evidence involving coronavirus seems to be pointing in that direction.

He noted that any system should adhere to medical privacy laws and prevent people from snooping on one another.

And while there is still some uncertainty in such a registry, Cassidy believes the good outweighs the bad.

“But if we wait for absolute certainty, our economy’s going to be in the tank,” he said.

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