Rhode Island teacher under investigation for offering to pay virus-infected people to ‘cough on’ Trump

(USA Features) A Rhode Island teacher is under investigation school officials for allegedly offering on Twitter to pay anyone who is infected with coronavirus to “cough on” President Donald Trump.

The teacher reportedly works for the Woonsocket School Department, and officials there have launched an investigation, according to NBC 10 News.

The tweet read, “Somebody with COVID-19, I will pay you to cough on #Trump.”

In a subsequent post, the user identified herself as a sixth-grade ELL teacher at Villanova Middle School in Woonsocket.

The account has since been deleted. The name of the teacher has not yet been released by school officials.

School Committee Chairman Paul Bourget said he and superintendent Paul McGee have been discussing the tweet since Sunday night and that an investigation began on Monday.

Bourget called this a “serious matter” and noted that he expected a decision by the April 8 School Committee meeting on how to proceed. He added that the committee will likely back McGee’s decision.

Bourget said the investigation is ongoing as officials work to obtain “concrete evidence and a concrete determination.”

“If this thing pans out, if it’s true she did it, then we’ll take appropriate action,” he said.

Rhode Island Education Commissioner Angelica Infante-Green also responded to the accusations, tweeting, “It is unprofessional and sends the wrong message during a time when our whole education community is setting a national example. This is not acceptable and certainly not representative of the overwhelming majority of RI teachers.”

5 thoughts on “Rhode Island teacher under investigation for offering to pay virus-infected people to ‘cough on’ Trump”

  1. In Rhode Island, after “thorough investigation, they will name her “Teacher of the Year.”

  2. Apparently, one of the first, and unfortunately most noticeable symptoms of TDS is an almost instantaneous reduction of intellectual cognoscente by as much as 70%.

  3. Perhaps many of these awful teachers will be out of jobs when this is over due to parents taking control of their children’s education and more will find home schooling works better for them.

  4. who among you does NOT know that ‘teachers’ have actually been indoctrinating for over 70 years.

    arguably the lowest, dirtiest, most foul act in creation is for ‘teachers’ to get kids to think like they do, and do it so the kid thinks s/he actually thought it up him/herself, and lie about presenting all sides and encouraging debate of ideas.

    I am a retired English teacher. do you know that 90% of the teachers are leftist frauds who have no business being around children?

    yes. you do.

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