Infectious disease physician touts ‘game-changer’ anti-malarial drugs as ‘beginning of end’ of pandemic

(USA Features) An infectious disease doctor who has been treating coronavirus patients with a combination of two antimalarial drugs, hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, said they are “game changers” that will help bring about a quicker end to the pandemic.

In a Wednesday interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, Dr. Stephen Smith said when a patient goes into respiratory failure from COVID-19, the person is intubated – a tube is placed in their trachea so they can breathe — and they are connected to a ventilator.

“No person who has received five days or more of the [drug] combination has been intubated,” he said. “The chance of that occurring by chance … are .000-something — it’s ridiculously low, no matter how you look at it,” Smith said.

“It’s an absolute game-changer. I think this data goes to really support the French data,” he added. “Laura, I think this is the beginning of the end of the pandemic.”

At President Donald Trump’s direction, the Food and Drug Administration has issued a limited emergency authorization for the use of the two antimalarial drugs to combat coronavirus.

During a recent news briefing, the president said, “Let’s see how it works. It may. It may not.”

3 thoughts on “Infectious disease physician touts ‘game-changer’ anti-malarial drugs as ‘beginning of end’ of pandemic”

  1. Wake up America Trump was right again bubble communist Democrats could care less about the American people

  2. The ‘game changer’ will have arrived when we are able to test everybody to determine who is carrying or has recovered from the virus.

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