Ben Carson: New coronavirus treatments could impact infection rates ‘in next week or two’

(USA Features) Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson suggested Wednesday that new treatments for COVID-19 are just around the corner and could dramatically alter the trajectory of infections “in the next week or two.”

“The big message is this will pass,” Carson told SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow. “We will get through this.”

“The task force meets every single day and not only the people on the task force but we all have multiple communications with others throughout the administration, throughout the academic world, the scientific world, utilizing the best information as possible that we can give to the president,” Carson — one of the world’s top neurosurgeons and was the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins at age 33 — said.

The HUD chief also said that medications are likely to play a big role in the treatment of coronavirus. He said progress on medications is happening at a rapid pace, noting there are more than 100 clinical trials involving virus treatments currently underway.

“People are really jumping into this with both feet,” Carson said.

He said that just last week a plasma treatment that uses antibodies from people who have recovered from the virus to be infused into people who are ill was approved, Breitbart News reported.

“It gives [patients] a jumpstart on fighting this,” Carson said, adding that there is some promise in treating patients in New York City with the drug combo of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin.

Carson said drug approval and testing protocol changes could show results in weeks not months.

“We’ll know that very shortly, in the next week or two,” Carson said.

“A lot of progress has been made on the testing and now there are some new tests that are going to be widely disseminated and which you can get the answer in a matter of minutes not days,” Carson continued. “That makes a huge difference.”

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