Dr. Fauci: Coronavirus may return again in fall

(USA Features) In a presser with reporters on Monday, the country’s leading epidemiologist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said that COVID-19 could return again later this year.

That said, however, Fauci said the country would be much more prepared.

“In fact, I would anticipate that that would actually happen because of the degree of transmissibility,” Fauci said when asked if he believed coronavirus could return in the fall.

“However, if you come back in the fall, it will be a totally different ballgame of what happened when we first got hit with it in the beginning of this year. There’ll be several things that’ll be different. Our ability to go out and be able to test, identify, isolate, and contact trace will be orders of magnitude better than what it was just a couple of months ago,” he added.

“In addition, we have a number of clinical trials that are looking at a variety of therapeutic interventions. We hope one or more of them will be available,” the National Institutes of Health expert said.

“And importantly, as I mentioned to you many times at these briefings, is that we have a vaccine that’s on track and multiple other candidates.

“So I would anticipate that, you know, a year to a year and a half, we’d be able to do it under an emergency use. If we start seeing an efficacy signal, we may be able to even use a vaccine at the next season. So things are going to be very, very different,” Fauci continued.

“What we’re going through now is going to be more than just lessons learned; it’s going to be things that we have available to us that we did not have before,” he added.

As of this writing, more than 165,000 people have been diagnosed in the U.S. with the virus, while more than 3,100 people have died. Nearly 5,600 have recovered.

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