Brooklyn attorney files suit against Cuomo over COVID-19 shutdown order as ‘precedents with horrifying consequences’

(USA Features) A Brooklyn lawyer has filed a lawsuit against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo over the Democratic leader’s coronavirus-related orders, claiming they prevented him from practicing his Jewish faith.

The attorney, Lee Nigen, filed a lawsuit against the New York governor and the state government Friday, saying the order could set “precedents with horrifying consequences.”

Nigen also says in his suit that Cuomo has issued statements regarding limiting travel that violate his rights to conduct business or meet with “like-minded people,” according to the New York Post.

“Mr. Cuomo’s threat that his directives will be enforced by law enforcement cause Mr. Nigen to fear arrest if he attempts to travel for any other purpose other than getting medical attention or obtaining groceries, thus impermissibly chilling his exercise of his constitutional rights to travel,” the lawsuit states.

The governor signed orders in February banning large gatherings including churches and ordering non-essential businesses to close as a means of slowing the spread of coronavirus.

“Clearly, there is a grave public health emergency in New York. We understand that,” Norm Pattis, Nigen’s attorney, told the New York Post.

“But lawful process matters and emergency orders of this sort, if left unchallenged, will evolve into precedents with horrifying consequences.”

Earlier this week, Cuomo admitted that ordering most businesses closed, choking off commerce and creating hundreds of thousands of new jobless claims, may not have been the best policy approach.

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