GOP strategists see Trump easing into removing virus-related work, travel restrictions by Easter

(USA Features) No “roadmap” exists for removing restrictions on travel and work due to coronavirus, so it’s not clear how policymakers will implement them ahead of an Easter deadline set by President Trump last week.

Republican strategists told the Washington Examiner that it will difficult to figure out how best to proceed since not every part of the country is as affected by the outbreak as places like New York, California, and Washington.

“I think most people understand that Easter is an aspirational goal and that local and state officials will be making the decision, not the federal government,” GOP consultant Matt Mackowiak said.

“The problem is that four states are dealing with severe outbreaks [California, New York, Washington state, and New Jersey], and the other 46 states mostly have it managed right now,” he continued.

“A nationwide shelter-at-home approach makes no sense for vast swaths of the country. At some point, we have to return to work,” Mackowiak added. “Trump is trying to balance these competing desires. There is no road map.”

Republican strategist Nicholas Everhart agreed.

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“The president’s Easter goal of economic and life normalcy, if you would, is really more of a throwaway aspirational idea to make people feel good,” he said.

“The day has little bearing on reality. Also, while he continues to reference it, when the Easter normalcy doesn’t come to fruition, the foil or reason the date isn’t met he can say was the decision of individual state governors,” Everhart added.

“By eyeing Easter as a possible target for a return to normalcy, President Trump is employing a business strategy known as a ‘stretch goal,’” said a third GOP strategist who went unnamed, the Washington Examiner reported.

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“Unlike a ‘commit goal,’ ‘stretch goals’ are flexible and do not necessarily have to be met. Rather, stretch goals are motivational tools to make success seem closer, but it also psychologically urges people to work harder to try to achieve it,” the adviser said.

“Add in the fact that Easter itself is premised upon resurrection, and Trump has given the American public hope and mental light at the end of the tunnel.”

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