Top U.S. health official Birx says ‘frightening’ coronavirus numbers don’t tell whole story

(USA Features) One of the country’s leading health experts and member of the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force says “frightening” numbers people are seeing regarding the ongoing outbreak don’t provide a complete picture.

During a Wednesday press briefing, Dr. Deborah Birx emphasized that projections of COVID0-19 cases are inflated and that’s because they’re based on models in which no response or action has been taken to slow down the spread.

She noted further that media reports regarding the hardest-hit areas are not at all like what the majority of Americans around the country should expect.

“The numbers that have been put out there are actually very frightening to people,” Birx said. “But I can tell you, if you go back and look at Wuhan and Hubei and all of these provinces — when they talk about 60,000 people being infected, even if you said, ‘Oh right, well there’s asymptomatics and all of that,’ so you get to 600,000 people out of 80 million.

“That is nowhere close to the numbers that you see people putting out there. I think it has frightened the American people,” she said.

“If you do these projections, when you got to those projections that said, like in Germany and others, that implied that 60% or 50% of the population would get infected, I want to be very clear: The only way that happens is if this virus remains continuously moving through populations in this cycle, in the fall cycle, and another cycle,” Birx said.

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