Survey finds Americans getting more concerned about economy than personal health

(USA Features) As the c-virus continues to spread without causing mass death, a new survey finds that more Americans are becoming concerned about the tanking economy than their health.

According to a new Harris Poll, fielded March 21-22 among 2,023 U.S. adults, found that a majority of Americans, 61 percent, now consider the amount of fear in society as “sensible given how serious the [coronavirus] pandemic has become.”

That is reflective of a 15-point jump from the 46 percent of Americans who viewed the fear as warranted last week.

But the survey also reviewed issues people are “increasingly concerned about.” Pollsters found that concerns over the economy surpass all other worries, including personal health.

“Eighty-four percent of respondents, surveyed March 13-14, said they were growing increasingly concerned over the state of the economy, but at the time, worries over the health of older friends and relatives topped the list, with 86 percent,” Breitbart News reported.

And though such concerns have risen over the curse of last week, worries about the state of the economy now sit atop the list, with 91 percent of Americans saying they are becoming uneasy.

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Meanwhile, three-fourths of respondents, 75 percent, said they are concerned about personal health, and 90 percent said they worry about older relatives and friends.

President Trump tried to ease concerns about the future of the U.S. economy on Tuesday, saying that he would like to have it reopened by Easter on April 12.

“I would love to have the country opened up and rearing to go by Easter,” he said during a Fox News town hall on Tuesday.

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“We have to go back to work, much sooner than people thought, and people can go back to work and they can also practice good judgment,” he added.

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