Top White House trade official Navarro: Partisan struggle over virus relief bill will hurt Americans

(USA Features) The Trump administration’s top trade negotiator says the partisan struggles over a massive coronavirus relief bill is going to cause needless suffering to tens of millions of Americans.

“The president was quite clear in his press briefing that the most part of the package was to be for American workers first,” Navarro told Fox News’ “Outnumbered Overtime” host Harris Faulkner.

“We’ve got good, great negotiators on our side up on the Hill working. We’ve got to work that magic. If this devolves into a partisan struggle, that’s not good for America. It certainly creates volatility in the markets,” he said.

Wall Street fell again on Monday after Senate Democrats refused for a second time during the day to approve a simple motion to advance a bill into the negotiation phase.

Navarro added that the United States, as a nation, is strong and will come together during the coronavirus emergency and that supplies for the nation’s hospitals are coming in.

“My mission is to make sure we have the gloves, the masks, the ventilators, all the other accouterments for the country,” Navarro said.

“In real time, literally hour by hour, I am reaching shipments with the help of FEMA and private companies like FedEx and the Pentagon to deliver things,” he continued.

“What is interesting now is we have a tremendous voluntary response,” Navarro said. “I’m working with the National Association of Manufacturers, the textile organization, and all these groups and companies are repurchasing factories. That’s what’s going to make the difference in the short run in terms of how we do this.

“It’s the biggest industrial mobilization since World War II under the leadership of President [Donald] Trump,” Navarro noted further. “So that is what I’m focused on while we are waiting with bated breath to have the Hill come together. It can’t be this partisan bickering.”

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