Report: Chinese government underreporting new coronavirus infections in epicenter of Wuhan

(USA Features) The Chinese government has been underreporting new coronavirus infections in the epicenter of Wuhan city, according to leaked documents obtained by The Epoch Times.

The revelation comes as the Communist government in Beijing has said that the country experienced no new coronavirus infections since March 18, as local authorities have eased travel and work restrictions.

According to the documents reviewed by the Times, the situation with the outbreak in Wuhan “is much worse than what has been officially reported.”

The documents include four reports from the Wuhan health commission, the Times reported, consisting of statistical data sheets regarding diagnostic test results in the city dated March 14.

Government data show that health officials diagnosed 91 new coronavirus patients on that day, but the China’s National Health Commission reported only four news cases.

Meanwhile, as the Times noted further, a pair of residential compounds in Wuhan posted notices alerting residents that there were people living there that had been diagnosed with COVID-19 on March 19, ichi is another sign that Beijing is hiding the pandemic’s true scale.

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The news organization also reported that there remains a high demand for medical personnel in Wuhan, though the Chinese government has downplayed that as well.

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