House Democrats planning to slip expensive green energy giveaways into emergency coronavirus funding bill

(USA Features) Free market policy analysts warned Thursday that House Democrats will attempt to slip expensive green energy incentives and economic giveaways into emergency funding legislation aimed at combatting the spreading coronavirus.

The analysts warn that Green New Deal-type add-ons and other measures will dramatically inflate the cost of the legislation while providing no support at all to the task at hand: Stopping the virus’ advance.

The House Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition, along with Democratic Sens. Ed Markey of Massachusetts and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, is making every effort to “slip extensions for expired tax giveaways and Green New Deal policies into the current funding package meant to stabilize the economy and aid Americans suffering from the coronavirus,” according to a press release from the American Energy Alliance.

AEA points to several reports and documents, including this one, detail how House and Senate Democrats are coordinating with green advocacy organizations to use an old legislative tactic.

Over the past few days, the Washington Examiner reports, “it has become evident that they are working to exploit the crisis in an effort to enact policies that expand the size and influence of government will raising energy costs.”

Tom Pyle, the president of AEA, criticized political figures seeking to “slip failed green policies” into legislation that should remain focused on the coronavirus.

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“The proposed inclusion of seven expired renewable energy tax credits will do nothing to stimulate the economy or help anyone’s general health, and will only line the pockets of renewable energy companies, the wind and solar lobby, General Motors and Tesla,” he said, according to the press release.

“For industries that claim they no longer need the support of the government, we continue to see them try and capitalize on the suffering of everyday Americans in the pursuit of a seemingly never-ending stream of government handouts.”

He noted further: “From the presidential primary, to the response to this unprecedented global pandemic, it appears the green lobby is a growing and disturbing force within the Democratic Party, driving them to an extreme, radical, out-of-touch agenda that is now literally bargaining with people’s lives.”

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