Pence says it’s ‘all hands on deck’ to battle against Coronavirus spread

(USA Features) Vice President Mike Pence, appointed by President Trump to head the administration’s response to coronavirus, said during an interview Tuesday it would require a whole-of-country effort.

“We need every American, every American business to step forward and recognize that if we act now — if we act now, we can limit the spread of the coronavirus significantly and ultimately save lives,” Pence said during an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity” program.

The vice president is getting behind an effort to use whatever resources at the government’s disposal to confront the virus and stop its spread.

Pence also noted that it was important for Americans to follow President Trump’s guidelines set out on Monday to avoid spreading the virus.

They include closing bars and restaurants, avoiding public places and gatherings of more than 10 people, and staying away from nursing homes.

“Now we have what are called high throughput tests, automated tests that can literally test thousands of people a day for the coronavirus,” Pence said, noting that top labs were working with government agencies like the Food and Drug Administration to coordinate a vaccine response.

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The VP also noted that the president has directed industry to provide whatever equipment may be needed to medically treat those afflicted with the disease.

“The President’s made it clear, this is all hands on deck. We’re going to continue to work with businesses,” Pence said, adding, “We’re going to continue to work closely with governors.”

He also noted that the administration is working with lawmakers to mitigate the economic fallout from shuttered businesses and job losses.

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“We’re working with Congress to ensure that paid leave is available for hard-working Americans, but making sure that this economy gets back on its feet,” Pence said, noting that the White House is pressing for a $1 trillion economic stimulus package.

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1 thought on “Pence says it’s ‘all hands on deck’ to battle against Coronavirus spread”

  1. A big lie: all hands are not on deck. The CDC, FDA, and other health authorities are not being entirely truthful. There are natural substances which could build up the immune systems of Americans so that they do not die from Coronavirus. This is based upon VALID research which the Pharma-controlled health care industry chooses to ignore (no money in supplements).

    Which is better? Americans do not get sick because their immune systems have been built up to prevent dying from Coronavirus by consuming natural nutriceuticals and antivirals OR waiting 6-12 for Big Pharma to develop a patented vaccine?

    For example, other countries are SUCCESSFULLY using megadoses of Vitamin C (a powerful antiviral) to treat Coronavirus. Why is there total silence from our health care leaders? They are corrupted by Big Pharma.

    Anyone who refuses to help sick and dying Americans by EVERY means possible is a psychopath.

    When health care officials love Americans more than they love money, this will change.

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