Investor advising Trump to ‘shut down entire country,’ saying Wall Street ‘will soar’

(USA Features) A noted investor is advising President Donald Trump to “shut down” the country completely so that stocks “will soar,” as gains from Tuesday were erased after the Dow Jones plunged about 1,200 points.

“Mr. President, the only answer is to shut down the country for the next 30 days and close the borders. Tell all Americans that you are putting us on an extended Spring Break at home with family,” long-time hedge fund manager Bill Ackman wrote on Twitter.

“The moment you send everyone home for Spring Break and close the borders, the infection rate will plummet, the stock market will soar, and the clouds will lift,” the founder of Pershing Square Capital Management noted. “We need your leadership now!”

Ackman warned that further delays to a “Spring Break” hiatus would likely have disastrous costs in human lives as he pressed the president to “please send everyone home now.”

“No one defaults, no one forecloses. A 30-day rent, interest and tax holiday for all,” he added.

“The shutdown is inevitable as it is already happening, but not in a controlled fashion which is extending the economic pain and amplifying the spread of the virus,” he wrote, CNBC reported.

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