Harvard poll shows Americans back Trump’s immigration policies despite Dem cries of ‘racism’

(USA Features) A new Harvard University poll found that a majority of Americans back President Donald Trump’s recent immigration policy changes that require, among other things, newcomers to be able to support themselves.

In addition to agreeing with allowing Americans to sue sanctuary cities over crimes committed by illegal immigrants, nearly four-in-five voters back an “immigration halt” after the coronavirus outbreak was upgraded to a pandemic, the Washington Times reported.

Americans are not nearly as supportive of recent moves by Democrat-led states like New York to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Only about one-third of voters surveyed said they backed the notion that people in the country illegally should be able to obtain a license to drive.

The surprising results of the Harvard Center for American Political Studies/Harris Poll suggest that the president’s immigration policies have very strong backing among the American public at large, “even though they are derided as racist or unfair in Washington and among Democratic leaders,” the Times reported.

“This should definitely be a warning, especially to [2020 Democratic presidential contender Joe] Biden because he’s going to be the nominee, that going too far left is a real danger for him,” said Mark Krikorian, executive director at the Center for Immigration Studies.

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“I’m not even sure what he was thinking last night. He’s got the nomination. Why cater to the most radical anti-borders elements in his party?” Krikorian said.

Biden, in a debate Sunday with Sen. Bernard Sanders, his chief opponent for the nomination, said he would end all decorations for 100 days if he becomes president and then start deporting only illegal immigrants with criminal records.

He also said he would cancel immigration detention for people waiting to appear before an immigration judge. And he said flatly that local police should not be cooperating with federal immigration enforcement agencies, calling “xenophobia” a “disease” made worse by Trump’s policies.

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In the Harvard poll, 49 percent of respondents said they approved of the president’s handling of immigration.

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