Coronavirus-related economic collapse puts Biden neck-and-neck with Trump in November matchup

(USA Features) A new analysis from a host of oddsmakers found that former Vice President Joe Biden has pulled dead even with President Donald Trump in a fall presidential matchup after being far behind last month.

“If you had told most Americans even a fortnight ago that Joe Biden would be neck-and-neck with Trump they’d have thought you were mad – but here we are,” Oddschecker spokesman Pete Watt said.

Oddscheckers are giving Trump and Biden the exact same probability of winning the election on November 3, The Daily Wire reported Monday.

“Both men’s odds come in at +110, which indicate that the books believe they each have a 47.6% chance of winning the White House. Odds of +110 mean that a bet of $10 will return $21 in total, with a profit of $11,” the site noted.

Biden’s comeback has been remarkable, analysts said.

Not long ago, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was considered the solid 2020 Democratic presidential frontrunner, only to be replaced by former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Then Sen. Bernie Sanders took the lead after solid primary wins in Iowa and New Hampshire, the first two of the year.

But Biden went onto win big in several southern states on Super Tuesday.

Sanders remains in the race, however, and has vowed to continue fighting. But right now, his odds of +4000, suggest just a 2.40 percent chance of victory.

“The Democratic Primaries have thrown up surprise after surprise, with many different candidates seeming like the clear frontrunner at times,” Watt said. “It is however looking increasingly likely that the former vice president has got the contest wrapped up, and that there will be no further shocks… or will there?”

Other betting houses also show the race between Biden and Trump much tighter.

“In a matter of only a few days, Donald Trump’s implied probability of winning the 2020 presidential election has fallen from 50.2% to 43.9% according to betting odds at European sportsbook Betfair,” Action Network reports.

“He went from a -125 favorite (bet $125 to win $100) as of Thursday to +100 (bet $100 to win $100) as of Sunday. Joe Biden’s odds, meanwhile, have risen from +110 to +100.”

“As of March 16th, Biden’s odds have moved to -105 after looking like he had no shot prior to his huge Super Tuesday win back on March 3rd. President Donald Trump’s odds have moved to EVEN, which are the highest they’ve been during his first term as POTUS,” OddsShark reports.

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