Recovered 65 y/o U.S. coronavirus patient: ‘The hysteria has just gotten out of control’

(USA Features) An American who contracted coronavirus on a cruise ship but has since recovered from the illness said she believes much of the coverage and individual actions surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak are “out of control.”

In a Friday interview with Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” morning show, Jerri Jorgensen, a former Diamond Princess cruise ship coronavirus patient, gave details about her sickness and fallout.

She said that after running a slight fever and feeling “a bit off” for a few hours on the cruise ship, she no longer tests positive for COVID-19. She added the “hysteria” since she has gotten back home to Utah has gotten “out of control.”

“The hysteria has just gotten out of control,” Jorgenson declared. “All the toilet paper being gone — I don’t get the toilet paper thing. I really don’t.”

She told the morning show she was kicked out of her gym at home because she was a former patient.

“[W]hen I went to my gym, everyone was hugging me — even people that I didn’t know were hugging me and saying, ‘Oh, I’ve been following your story. It’s so good to have you back.’ Everything was great,” she said.

“I get home, get a call from management saying, ‘We just need to be careful because we have a lot of senior citizens in our gym.’ I go, ‘I’m a senior citizen, wait, what about me?’ And I’m the safest one in the gym — probably the safest person in Utah because I’ve been through quarantine and tested more than once negative,” Jorgensen said she argued.

“It is what it is.”

President Trump declared a national emergency over the coronavirus outbreak on Friday, pledging the full support of the federal government to get it under control.

As of Friday afternoon, slightly more than 2,000 Americans had been diagnosed with the disease. Forty-one people have died.

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