Residents of Chinese city where coronavirus originated getting back to work as outbreak ebbs

(USA Features) Residents of Wuhan City in China, the epicenter for the COVID-19 viral outbreak, are heading back to work as the disease spread ebbs, according to government officials.

That means supply chain disruptions that are being felt throughout the world but especially in the United States should abate sooner rather than later, experts noted, according to the Washington Times.

The Hubei provincial government announced that shops, factories, and food processing plants can reopen, and construction projects can once again resume on housing and other infrastructure.

The announcement comes a day after Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the city, according to various reports, as the last of several makeshift hospitals hastily set up to deal with a crush of virus patients was being dismantled.

In all more than 85,000 people were sickened by the virus in China, by far the majority of cases worldwide at this point. More than half of patients afflicted with coronavirus have since recovered, according to a real-time tracking website.

Wuhan “may have zero new cases by the end of March if we work harder and if nothing sudden comes up,” Li Lanjuan, director of China’s State Key Laboratory for Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, told reporters Wednesday.

U.S. health officials, as well as Vice President Mike Pence, said Thursday that there will be possibly thousands more cases in the United States before the outbreak begins to abate.

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